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Billy Wright Stand Suites


Hayward Suite
Named after the great Sir Jack Hayward, the generous benefactor of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC for an eventful 17 years, the Hayward Suite is an outstanding venue. With spectacular views across Molineux Stadium it is an impressive facility to hold any event.

Suitable for weddings, conferences, dinners and parties the suite can hold up to 400 guests but can also be separated into two sections for smaller events; the Molineux Suite and Executive Club.

The International Suite
The International Suite is a comfortable space with state-of-the-art LED lighting to create a mood and atmosphere to match any occasion. Able to accommodate up to 120 guests, this is a perfect room for seminars, meetings and private dinners.

Major Buckley Suite
Credited by many as instilling the infrastructure within Wolverhampton Wanderers that resulted in such great success in the 1950's, Frank Buckley entered football management after fighting in the Battle of the Somme. Indeed 'The Major' is not a nickname but a title earned after a promotion he earned while serving in the British Army.

The Major Buckley Suite is an inviting facility, serviced by a private bar it is ideal for private parties and meetings for up to 100 guests.

The Boardroom
The Boardroom is the facility that services the Director's Box on a matchday. With doors leading directly to the outdoor seating offering the best views in the Stadium, and regularly frequented by football royalty!

The Boardroom is on the third floor of the Billy Wright Stand and as a result offers great privacy so is ideal for confidential meetings and presentations. Catered for by facilities on the same floor, it has its own private bar ensuring that you have everything you will need when utilising this facility.

Sir Jack's Restaurant
With such a great level of gratitude for a great man, this is the second facility at Molineux dedicated to Sir Jack Hayward. Used to entertain Match Sponsors on matchdays and discerning diners for the rest of the week, there is not a more suitable name for an area used to entertain such a varied, and large, guest list.

With outstanding views across Molineux Stadium, the Restaurant is an excellent venue for a dinner or lunch event for up to 70 guests.

Executive Suites
Executive Suites are individual suites located in the Billy Wright Stand. There are 18 in total, each offering fantastic views across Molineux Stadium. Catering for parties from eight to 20 guests they are ideal for private meetings or dinners and breakout rooms for larger events held in other facilities.

Each has its own balcony with seating giving your guests a chance to sample the atmosphere of Molineux, which even without a match is still palpable.

Billy's Boot Room
Billy's Boot Room is dedicated to the great legend of English Football, Billy Wright CBE. Wright became a hero of Wolverhampton as well as the rest of the country due to his outstanding football career that still sees him the third most capped player in English football.

A fitting recognition of Wright's career being launched by Major Frank Buckley, Billy's Boot Room connects directly to the Major Buckley Suite and they can be utilised together or as separate facilities. The Boot Room is an intimate facility that can accommodate up to 32 guests and is ideal for smaller meetings or as a separate bar area when enjoying the amenities offered elsewhere in the Stadium.

Fallowfield Lounge
The Fallowfield Lounge references the location of one of Wolverhampton Wanderers successful FA Cup campaigns. In 1893 Wolves beat Everton 1-0 to win the trophy for the first time and so the name 'Fallowfield' is a key term in the Club's history.

The Fallowfield Lounge is an inviting room, lit up by natural light from large windows overlooking Waterloo Road and the impressive Billy Wright Statue. Ideal for small meetings and breakout groups, it is perfectly located to be used in conjunction with the Hayward Suite.

Media Suite
The Media Suite is a true reminder that you are enjoying the facilities of a renowned football club that has featured regularly in the British media for over 125 years. With the interview 'backdrop board' prominent in the room, enjoy the facility that has seen so many famed Wolves personalities address the media.

Chairman's Suite
The venue for many important discussions regarding Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, the Chairman's Suite shows the glamorous side of the sport and has played host to many celebrities of the football world for decades.

Ideal for small meetings where making a striking impression is of great importance, offering a relaxed seating area with a small bar facility and an adjoining section for round-the-table discussions and presentations that are guaranteed to make an impact!


Stan Cullis Stand Suites

The wonderful new facility in Stan Cullis Stand offers a large capacity of up to 550 people in superb comfort.

With stunning floor to ceiling views of the whole of Molineux and the north of the city this is a superb light, airy facility with a contemporary feel that is not matched anywhere else at Molineux or indeed the whole of Wolverhampton.

The room can be divided into smaller rooms being WV1 Bar and WV1 Restaurant both with their own kitchen, Bar and toilets meaning that both facilities can accommodate separate events easily or can be used as separate drinks and dinner areas to offer a new experience for your event.

WV1 Bar
A beautiful pitch-facing facility with a state-of-the-art feel. A selection of seating types from individual bar tables, leather sofas and coffee tables or circular dinner tables can be used to make this a welcoming and inviting space for up to 300 people.

WV1 Restaurant
Again as with the other areas of Stan Cullis Stand a variety of seating types can ensure this is an area that will suit any style of event.

WV1 Quadrant
A private corner suite overlooking Molineux pitch and Billy Wright Stand which is ideal for family gatherings or special occasions up to 30 people.

North Bank Bar
A replacement for the old favourite,Terrace Bar, which is an ideal venue for parties and private events that are after a more informal relaxed atmosphere.


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Weddings At Molineux

If you are looking for a venue that will make your wedding day one that you will remember for the rest of your life – then look no further.

With 11 rooms licensed for civil ceremonies and weddings, Molineux is a wonderful venue to invite your family and friends to celebrate your truly special day.

Our friendly, professional team will be delighted to organise every aspect of your wedding and we can adapt our facilities and services to suit your individual needs. Find out more

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